Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What?! Taxes?

What do you mean strip club owners have to pay taxes? Stripping is art and not to mention dramatic. I am only selling admission to supply these sacrificers of dignity a means to support themselves so that they may continue to perform. Why should I have to pay taxes on that?

Priests don't pay taxes to perform their art. They are equally as dramatic and include equal amounts of art in their "performances". I think I understand if I don't charge admission and I just ask for donations I will be in the clear. Correct? My performers are supposed to live off the generous donations of the patrons. I know one thing that's for sure drink prices are going up.

Next thing you know people that work for the government will have to pay taxes out of their tax paid salaries. Wouldn't that be ridiculous.

Eddy Ridiculous

Voters Intimidated by Electoral College

In recent conversations involving myself and other "newer" voters I have come to realize there is a massive misunderstanding in the voting process. The majority of the confusion comes in the form of poor education regarding the Electoral College process. I must admit until recently, in an insomnia fueled Google search, I didn't think my vote counted either. I learned everything I thought I knew about the election process in high school.

This year will be my first year voting due to lack of education and a feeling of helplessness. I had originally thought that no matter how I voted, personally, that the only vote that mattered was the electoral vote. While, this is true to some extent, it does not discount my vote to the extent I had previously assumed. The fact is that most states carry a majority rules policy in awarding candidates electoral votes and most if not all electoral representative are bound to vote by a pledge. This is the reason I am voting this year.

An abbreviated description would be something like this: political parties select favorable electoral reps, you vote and the states majority vote is awarded their parties selected reps. I did not know this. I thought the Electoral College was there to protect the country from people like me. I felt as if the writers of the Constitution thought the general public needed to feel involved by voting but they didn't trust them to know enough to cast a vote the made influence. I am relieved that this is not the systems truth but I do think it is a generally held opinion "up there" with "those guys".

It is my belief my generation (born in the mid-80's) is less likely to show up to vote based on poor education if not just poorly written text books. Actually, while I'm thinking about it, I believe my generation is less likely to show up for anything productive, when compared to previous generations. While writing this I also noticed a critical flaw in my generations "knowingness" we blame everything on everyone else. I could have just as easily educated myself on the topic but didn't care enough because someone else was supposed to teach me.

Eddy Ridiculous